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Cobbs Creek Parkway Safety Improvement Walk

Sat May 21 

Meet at the top of the hill at the entrance to the environmental center

This walk is hosted by Feet First Philly, Philadelphia's only volunteer pedestrian advocacy organization

The Cobbs Creek Parkway Safety Improvement Walk will explore the new and upcoming Cobbs Creek Parkway traffic safety improvements. This project is particularly important to pedestrians who face difficulty crossing the street to access the park. Learn about new pedestrian crossings, traffic calming, and more. The tour will start at the top of the hill from Cobbs Creek Community Environmental Education Center at 10am and head north along Cobbs Creek Trail to 63rd Street and Market Street, then back south after crossing the Parkway to explore the residential side of the roadway. This is an opportunity to learn more about the existing improvements, what is being planned to continue making the Parkway safer, ask questions, and offer feedback.

Space is limited. Register today!