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TrailOff: Deeply Routed (Tacony Creek Trail)

Deeply Routed by Denise Valentine is located on the Tacony Creek Trail.

About the story:

The flow of human history, like the water rushing to the sea, cannot be easily contained. Like truth, it defies our efforts to bury, divert, or ignore it. It overflows its banks, sometimes leaking in tiny trickles; sometimes erupting violently to the surface. Deeply Routed travels to places near and far, connected by these waterways, branching off like so many tributaries that flow to the Delaware River.

About TrailOff:

TrailOff is an audio storytelling app that syncs to your movements as you walk a trail. Each story is uniquely crafted for its site, written by incredible local authors who will explode the way you think about taking a walk outside. Created by Swim Pony and the PA Environmental Council, this FREE project aims to diversify the stories we imagine when we think about the environment.

Make sure to download the TrailOff App, and this story before you go. Your phone needs to stay open on the app for the story to play, so make sure that you have plenty of battery before you start.