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Wissahickon Environmental Center

The Wissahickon Environmental Center is located at the northern end of the Wissahickon Valley Park along the northwestern border of Philadelphia and Montgomery county. The center is housed in a building known as the “Tree House," not because it was built in a tree, but instead because it was built around a tree that once ran through the back porch and through the roof. Visitors can see the stump where the tree once stood. The grounds were formerly a tree nursery, and a unique mixture of native, and non native trees grow here. Today the building is a learning center for people of all ages, with preserved and live animals. If you take a short walk from the center, you can find the oldest beech tree in PA, and winding trails that lead you through forests, and the Andorra meadow which is a large natural area between the Philadelphia border and the Andorra neighborhood.

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