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Tulpehaking Nature Center at the Abbott Marshlands

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The Abbott Marshlands - 3000 acres of meandering tidal freshwater streams, rivers, marshes and swamps, and upland forests. Walk where American Indians walked 13,000 years ago, where today red-winged blackbirds call from the tops of wild rice and cattails, and where beaver leave behind signs of their busy activity. Known to archaeologists and wetland biologists from around the world, the Abbott Marshlands provide unexpected biodiversity in a setting layered with echoes from the Indian past and from when the nation was stirring from its European beginnings.  There are varied recreational opportunities for visitors to enjoy, including up to 8 miles of walking trails and bike and handicapped-accessible trails. Take your canoe or kayak on the up to 11 miles of paddling trails, or join a group trip.

The Tulpehaking Nature Center, which opened in Oct. 2014, is the main educational gateway to the Abbott Marshlands. Programs and exhibits encourage visitors to discover and explore the Marshlands’ cultural, historic and natural legacy.

Bike parking in the mashlands is located in the Nature Center parking lot.

Event Calendar for the Abbott Marshlands and the Tulpehaking Nature Center